Roger VanDeburgh

Bob Jones University - Bachelors of Science, Minor in String Studies

Roger has been playing cello for 12 years. Starting cello lessons at the age of 10, Roger developed a deep passion for music at a young age. Throughout high school he participated in several music groups, cello choir, orchestras, and various string competitions. Using the skills learned from Rockford Music Academy’s Richard Evans, Roger taught cello and guitar in high school, and continued his education into college, receiving a music scholarship for Clearwater Christian College. Even with as a freshman majoring in Pre-Med, busy with commuting to Air Force ROTC in Tampa, he still made time for orchestra.


After transferring to Bob Jones University to major in Engineering, Roger continued taking lessons from BJU cello professor Yuriy Leonovich, and participated in BJU cello choir. Roger’s goal in teaching cello is not only to teach technical skills and techniques, but to instill an awareness in his students of how every finger movement, hand position, posture, and even mental visualization affects their sound. Roger believes strongly that tone is just as important, if not more important than technical skills. Roger intends to cultivate well-rounded students who are capable of making technically difficult pieces sound beautiful and soulful. 


Hobbies and other interests:

Wakeboarding, snowboarding, weightlifting, gaming, programming, guitar, and of course, coffee.



1141 Elden Street # 212
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