Rebecca Pitts

Bob Jones University - Bachelor of Music

Rebecca Pitts has been playing piano for sixteen years. Her love of piano music grew as she studied diligently with accomplished teachers, accompanied her string-playing siblings and played in various musical groups.  


She earned her bachelor's of music degree in piano pedagogy from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  She has also participated in a two-year internship with an elementary school piano program, as well as taught at a well established music academy in Charleston, SC.

Rebecca has extensive experience in the area of individual and group piano lessons. She loves classical music, hymns and popular music.


Her goal is to see children succeed in their piano adventure by learning commitment, musical expression and having fun along the way.


Hobbies: hiking, gardening, sewing
Favorites: being a "fur-mom" to two puppies



1141 Elden Street # 212
Herndon, Virginia 20170

Mon - Thurs: 3:30PM - 8PM

Saturday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Friday and Sunday: By Appointment Only


20915 Ashburn Road # 210
Ashburn, Virginia 20147


Lessons Only
By Appointment Only


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