We are proud to introduce The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.

The RCM Certificate Program incorporates repertoire, etudes/studies, sight-reading, ear

training, technique and theory into a structured curriculum that is designed to assess the

students progress and musical growth. At the completion of each level a Certificate of

Achievement can be earned by successfully completing a Royal Conservatory practical


The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is most appropriate for students who are

dedicated to their instrument and are interested in receiving recognition in a program

that is internationally renowned and sets the standard for music education and


Achievement in RCM examinations are recognized in schools, which may help you

reach your goals to be selected for accelerated programs such as the AAP (Advanced

Academic Program) and magnet High Schools.

Your teacher can advise you if your child is ready for this program.



Does my child have to participate in the RCM program?

No. Each child is different and therefore having multiple programs to choose from

ensures that students are receiving the perfect music education for them.

How do I know if my child is a good fit for the program?

Speak to your instructor about the program. They can advise you if the program would

be a good fit for your student. In order to begin the RCM certificate program, the

student must have a working knowledge of the instrument. That means beginner level

materials must be completed before the student can begin the RCM program.

What is the difference between the RCM program and

The Music Loft program of studies?

The RCM program requires the student to take a test at each level in the following

areas; repertoire memorization, technique, musicianship, and theory. If the student

successfully completes the level exam they are rewarded with a certificate of completion

and may then advance to the next level of studies. The Music Loft standards of learning

also teach repertoire, technique, musicianship and theory however there are no official

certifications and the curriculum is tailored to your child.

What are the costs associated with the RCM program?

How do I register for the RCM examinations?

Go to the website www.rcmusic.com and create a log in. You must register through the

RCM portal.

Examination dates are Nov/Dec, May/June and August. You must register 5 months in

advance to reserve your day and time.

Other questions?

Speak to either Laura or Sharon.



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