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The Music Loft's mission is to create Centers of Excellence that provide high quality music instruction in a family-friendly learning environment. By doing so, the standards of music education have been elevated.

We provide innovative teaching strategies to all types of learners through our core standards of learning programs, certificate programs, pre-school music classes, and multpile community outreach programs.

Core Values

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of every student we teach. It is our desire to foster the development of each student's unique voice, creativity and self expression. We believe in good, caring, and honest relationships and we understand the importance of a nurturing, family friendly learning environment. Every person has special gifts and we believe in celebrating them through compassion, commitment and caring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of private lessons?


Private instruction is the best way for anyone to learn to play an instrument. The focus is on the student's education, growth and development not only as a musician, but as an individual as well. The Music Loft stafff crafts individual lessons around the learning style of each student in order to guide you in becoming a well rounded, confident musician.


How long will it take me to learn to play?


This is a difficult question to answer - consider this: 1) Like any new skill, students will progress on their instruments according to the amount of time they are able to spend practicing; 2) Anyone can make significant progress quickly with the help of an inspiring instructor.

Can adults learn to play an instrument?


Yes! There are several benefits for adults to learn to play an instrument. Playing an instrument relieves stress, stimulates memory and possibly helps with specific joint ailments. Learning musical skills and techniques requires using mental faculties very specifically to enhance and stimulate mind and motor capabilities. With the help of trained educators, patience and practice, playing an instrument is not only attainable but with it comes the reward of personal achievement and satisfaction.


Where can I obtain guidance to purchase an instrument?

Should you decide to commit to purchasing an instrument be aware this is an investment and not an everyday purchase. Seek out the advice and expertise of qualified people with a solid background and knowledge about the instrument you are considering.

Many string and wind instruments that are sold online and in big box retail settings such as Toys"R"Us or Costco, are prefabricated overseas using inferior quality materials and are often “knock-offs” of brand name instruments. They do not endure or have the quality of sound.

The staff at The Music Loft will be happy to provide you with the information you will need to make the right choice for you.



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